Redoing My Website

Admittedly, I have not been making as many videos as I would have liked to over the past year or so. My wife and I were working on finishing up college while both working full time jobs. Additionally, I have had a lot going on with other websites I own. With that being said, one day I came back to take a look at my site and I knew right away that it needed a face lift. Redoing my website was an easy, and obvious choice. Finding time to do it wasn’t so easy.

Thankfully, these days the top WordPress themes now come with ready made layouts or templates that you can build off of. Elegant Themes as a leader in this movement with their Divi layout packs and others like Elementor and Astra have followed. For this website I actually made a big change and moved from Divi, which I’ve been using for years, over to Elementor and Astra. How I wish these type of ready made templates existed when I first got started using WordPress! It saved me hours of time during the creation process.

Another big reason for redoing my website was the fact that I wanted to change the overall direction the website was going in. Previously I have made almost entirely free content on both YouTube and Udemy. I decided that I was also going to make some paid courses that were much more affordable than what I see other WordPress YouTubers charging, while continuing to make free content as well.
Redoing my website and creating some quality courses has been my focus as of late. After the course recordings are complete I intend to make several long step by step tutorials each year on things like Astra, Elementor, Divi, Themify, and more. A big reason for this is that those are the tutorials that perform the best in terms of views, but they’re also the one’s that probably benefit people the most overall.

In case you haven’t guessed the biggest change on my site is that it will be more course focused. This is a direction that many YouTubers are gradually moving towards because of YouTube’s low ad revenue payouts. I believe that in the end I’ll be able to serve both people who would like premium courses and others who are looking for free full website building tutorials by going this route.
If you are not yet subscribed to my YouTube Channel please check it out and consider subscribing now. I will not be posting a lot, but when I do I promise it’ll be worth watching!