How to Make Free Logos and Social Media Images

In this post I wanted to go over how to make free logos and social media images. There are a growing number of websites out there that claim to be free logo and social media icon makers, but really there’s maybe 3 that I think stand out from the crowd. In this overview I’ll touch on the 3 and you can judge for yourself if they’ll meet your needs or if you’re better off going to Fiverr or hiring a professional to do your designing.

The first couple I’m going to cover are DesignEvo and LogoMakr. These two are very similar tools where you can easily design logos or favicons. They each ask you to give some kind of credit in exchange for using their free service. Something that makes these tools great is that they allow transparent image downloads. This is something that Canva, who I’ll touch on more in a bit, uses as part of their up-sell tactic to try to get customers to purchase a membership with them.

Although LogoMakr and DesignEvo are similar tools I honestly like DesignEvo slightly more. I have found that after making quite a few logos with each that LogoMakr’s creator area doesn’t always re-size properly after inputting the canvas size. Sometimes it will re-size and than snap back to a random size and it can be a real pain to fix. It often leads to starting over entirely in my case. This can be so frustrating when you feel like you’ve finally gotten the logo or favicon perfect. Below I have a short overview tutorial of DesignEvo that you can check out if you’d like.

The other free tool that I recommend is Canva. Canva is a bit different than the other two that I mentioned above because it has the option to design all different types of social media posts, headers, and more. Additionally, you can just click on what you’re trying to design, and it will provide you with the exact pixels that are needed for that shape. For example, a youtube thumbnail is one that I use often. When you hover over the youtube thumbnail pre-designed format it tells you it is 1280px by 720px. This takes all the guesswork out of things.

The only drawback with canva is that you need to upgrade for transparent images and some other things. They have a free trial period with their paid plans, but I think it’s worth seeing how much value you can get out of it for free prior to just diving right into the free trial of the paid plans. If you’re anything like me you’ll look for and find workarounds to the paid features that they have.

I hope that this post was helpful in learning how to make free logos and social media images. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or the support staff on the websites listed above.

Cheap Web Hosting and Domain

Cheap Web Hosting and Domain

Hey everyone! In this post I wanted to let you know about this awesome cheap web hosting that includes a free domain name when you sign up for their long term plans. This may be the most affordable and reliable web hosting service I’ve ever used in my 10 or so years of doing this. The hosting company I’m talking about is called Hostinger.

Before I go into more details about the company, I want to take a trip down memory lane, and cover some of the good and the bad in hosting experiences I’ve had over the years, and why I may have finally found what I’m looking for with them. Years ago I thought I had found the most reliable cheap web hosting company ever. In hindsight, I don’t even remember this companies name, but they had hosting plans at around $1 per month with unlimited everything. The plan was working great for about 4-5 months, and then they randomly just went offline one day. To make a long story short, my sites went down and I moved them all to a new hosting provider, and it was an absolute disaster. Their site didn’t come back online for at least 6 months, and when it did they were emailing me almost every day telling me I owed them money (like $8) for the months that they were down. I obviously didn’t pay them.

I have used companies like Hostgator (who I’ll never use again because of countless issues), A2Hosting, who is good, but had countless DDos attacks during my first month with them, and many others. In total I have probably tried around 10 different hosting companies over the years. The two that I recommend these days are TMDHosting and Hostinger, both of which can be found on my Resources page.

Why do I recommend these 2 after trying a ton of companies? Price, support (which TMD rocks on), ease of use, and more. If you have questions about either of these companies I’d highly recommend reaching out to them and see if they’re a match for you. For TMD Hosting you can also use coupon code wpwithtom to get 7% off any plan.

As for the cheap web hosting and domain Hostinger is the host for you. I just made a video, which you can see below where I sign up for a 4 year hosting plan for $168. This is crazy to think about considering 4 years with a company like hostgator for the same exact type of plan will likely run you around around $300 more than this. By opting for a company like hostgator or bluehost you’re just bleeding money in my opinion. You could literally get Elementor or Elegant Themes memberships with the money you’re saving! How much more would this do for your business?

If you want to get cheap web hosting and domain then Hostinger is your best bet. They also offer privacy protection, live chat support, and very easy wordpress installation which I cover in my video above. I hope this was helpful for those of you looking for affordable web hosting with a free domain name. This is the kind of thing that can help someone starting out save hundreds of dollars from the get go. Please feel free to reach out to me or comment with your thoughts below.


Why I Began Offering Services

Hey! First off I’d like to welcome you to the newly revamped website. I spent the last day or so messing around with some things and ended up just changing the entire site and layout. I hope you think it looks better. I feel like it needed a make over pretty badly!

Anyways, I wanted to talk about my new services that I’ll be offering going forward, and why I began offering services. I’m now offering services for building out both 1 page landing page websites and also 5 page websites with Divi or Elementor. With these purchases you will get either the pro version of the Elementor pro plugin, which has a $49 value or the Divi theme and builder which has an $89 value depending on which option you choose.

Additionally, I will also be offering some other services that I didn’t list in the pricing table. These services are smaller ones like setting up WordPress and installing basic plugins, making your Themeforest theme purchase look just like the demo, and more. These will likely cost a one off payment of $25 for each time the service is needed.

Lastly, I wanted to cover another option that I’ll be offering. If you contact me and need a project done and you sign up for hosting with my link I will reduce some of the cost off of the total project cost. This is a win-win scenario as you will need hosting either way to have your website live and on the web, and I’ll still get paid for helping you out without you having to spend any additional money. I will also provide the basic WordPress installation and adding plugins for free in exchange for you signing up with my hosting link. You can use this link to for affordable web hosting.

Now to get into why i began offering services. I do not want to go into my personal life too much here, but I’ll sum it up by saying my wife and I are trying to move into a new chapter of our lives. This new chapter requires that I earn more from my online ventures. Don’t worry though I’ll still produce free videos on YouTube! I just need to find a way to supplement the free videos I put out as I’m lucky if I even make $100 per month each month lately. Monthly income statements or reviews may be something I start doing at the end of each month for a blog post, but for right now it’s so pathetic I almost don’t even want to think about posting that information. Maybe if I gradually increase over time it can motivate others to take action though. Anyways, I hope this information was helpful for those of you wondering why i began offering services, and I also hope you consider supporting me by utilizing them and my recommended resources.