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Do you want to learn more about WordPress?
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I Love WordPress

I have been both using and teaching WordPress online to tens of thousands of students for almost a decade.

Why Learn Online?

I took web development courses for years in college.
I’m confident that online learning is the best option for creating websites.

Save Money

College courses cost hundreds or thousands of dollars each. These WordPress courses are much more cost effective.

Save time

Why waste years in college learning outdated web design topics when you can learn current skills in hours?

Learn Specific Topics

My courses cover specific WordPress topics. I designed them to take a few hours each with actionable steps.

Student Testimonials

Hear from some of my past course students.

I really like Tom’s tempo and style. He doesn’t rush through his presentation, nor does he overwhelm you with details. He explains clearly and simply what’s on each screen you’re looking at before moving on. I’m finally getting a grip on WordPress from watching his course.

Yvonne Jones

This is an outstanding course for beginners like me. Most courses make a lot of assumptions about the users prior knowledge level and gloss over very basic but important points. This one did not. Not only did the instructor explain what he was doing in comprehensive but simple detail, then he also showed a direct example of what he just described.

ric clark

The enthusiasm and knowledge of the instructor contributed greatly to the delivery success of the course. The overall pacing and simplicity of the content made the course really stand out for me.

Edmond saint-jean

About Me

Tom Johnson

I got out of the United States Marine Corps after serving 2 tours in the infantry in Iraq. I thought I’d be able to find a job fairly easily when I decided to get out and move back home where my family and girlfriend (now wife) were.

I was completely wrong. I ended up applying to 128 different jobs both in person and online before I even got an interview.  The job was at a grocery store working part time every other night stocking shelves. The job wasn’t awful, but the store had just opened and the company was churning and burning through employees. My sleep was thrown off and I remember regularly doing the work of 4 or 5 different guys each night. I would drive home in the morning thinking I needed to figure out something else quick.

Around this time is when I found out about WordPress. I had done the classic search in Google about how to make money online like tens of thousands of people have done before. However, I quickly was drawn to WordPress and how  to create a web presence.

At this time not many people were making websites. My first online business was an absolute flop, but my second try was a huge success. I created a WordPress website that was my full time income for over 2.5 years, and it allowed me to leave the job I had after only a few months.

I have been creating online businesses and teaching others how to make WordPress websites ever since!

What you’ll learn

You will learn specific WordPress skills based on the course you’re taking.

WordPress Fundamanetals

Learn the basics of WordPress quickly without spending countless hours trying to figure things out.

WordPress SEO fundamentals

Learn how to do everything within your power to give your WordPress site a chance of ranking in Google.

How to start a Web Design Business

Learn how to create your own web design business and various ways to generate more money.

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Below are my premium WordPress courses.
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WordPress Beginner Fundamentals

  • Learn the important difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  • Learn all aspects of the WordPress dashboard
  • Learn how to change and recover passwords
  • Learn about improving website security
  • Learn about improving website speed
  • Feel comfortable in WordPress and learn a lot more!

How to Start a Web Design Business

  • Learn about starting your own web design business from your own home
  • Learn many different ways of generating income
  • Learn where to find paying clients
  • Learn how to quickly create websites
  • Learn about managing teams of designers
  • Learn to deal with clients and much more!

Valuable WordPress Resources

Learn about WordPress resources that can greatly improve your overall website design process and make you more money!