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About Me

If it’s your first time visiting my website you’re probably wondering who is this Tom guy, and what’s this website all about? I’m Tom, a U.S. marine veteran turned WordPress enthusiast. I discovered WordPress after I got out of the military and was desperate to find a job. After applying to nearly 100 jobs and not getting hired by anyone I decided I should try to start an online business to generate some kind of income. Over the years I have had several online businesses that supported me, and have even sold a few. Fast forward to today, and I am a web development major in college while also working full time. I simply love to use and teach beginners how to use WordPress. I have now been using WordPress for about 8 years and will continue to use it going forward as I believe it is one of the easiest ways for individuals to get a nice looking website up quickly.

My Why

People sometimes ask me why am I making free tutorials for beginners when I could be charging people hundreds or maybe even thousands to design their websites for them? Many people won’t like to hear this, but I truly believe that no one should have to pay a company or freelancer this kind of money when they’re willing to take the time to sit down and learn to do it themselves. However, I did just begin offering services for individuals who would rather just pay someone to do it for them as well. I understand people like to focus on their strengths, and they also simply just might not have the time to devote to learning WordPress. Either way I think offering the tutorials for free helps more people overall. I always think back to when I began learning WordPress. There weren’t all these amazing tutorials out there like we have online today. I suggest taking advantage of the free resources that myself, and others have created and learning some fun, new skills!

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